Do You Really Need A SeatBelt Cutter (The Answer May Surprise You)

No one wants to experience an auto accident but we have to be prepared when they happen. Which may explains why a seatbelt cutter and glass breaking tool is a very popular piece of urban survival gear.

Seatbelts save lives. That’s a fact.

However, seatbelts can also cause injury to the injury to your ribs, chest, head, shoulder, and stomach during an auto accident.

You may also get trapped by your seat belt during an accident, which is why you need a reliable car escape tool.

You’re probably thinking of a movie scene where someone veers off the road, smashes into a post and is scrambling to remove the seat belt, but it’s stuck. These things do happen.

This is why you’d want a seat belt cutter.

Why Do You Need A Seatbelt Cutter If You Carry A Knife?

If you ask a dozen survivalists if they need a tool specifically designed to cut through seat belts in an emergency I’m sure most of them would say “don’t need one… I always carry a knife in my pocket.”

Here’s the problem with that answer:

Your average every day pocket knife may not be sharp enough to cut through the “tough as nails” webbing material that seatbelts are made from.

And even a high quality everyday carry knife may not be strong enough to help you smash a window to escape from your vehicle. Especially if your state limits the blade length to 3 inches or less like mine does.

Even if you make sure that all of your vehicles have an extra sharp knife in them for emergencies, there’s no guarantee that the driver will actually have the upper body strength to use it to cut the seatbelt (I know my wife and daughter wouldn’t).

But a seat belt cutter is a specialty knife with a razor-sharp blade that is designed for the sole purpose of slicing through a seatbelt like its butter.

Plus, most well designed seatbelt cutters will also have a built-in glass breaking tool that allows you so smash your car windows, just in case the doors won’t open. That’s something your common every day pocket knife can’t help you with.

SeatBelt Cutters Are Easy To See And Easy To Use.

Let’s face it, when you are in an emergency situation and your adrenaline is pumping you aren’t always thinking as clearly as you should.

And having a dingy old black pocket knife that’s buried in your glove box isn’t always the easiest thing to find, even if you are looking for it in a non-emergency situation.

But most high quality seatbelt cutters are made with bright, high visibility colors that are easy to see, even in the worst of lighting conditions.

So would you be willing to risk your life of the life of a love one because you weren’t willing to spend a few bucks to buy a survival tool like a seatbelt cutter? A tool that is specifically designed to make freeing yourself from a car during an emergency situation as quick and easy as possible.

Personally speaking, the lives of my loved ones are worth more than money to me, which is why I have seat belt cutters with a built in glass breaking tool in all of my vehicles, especially the ones my wife and children drive.

Recommended Seat Belt Cutter:

The Evac3 Emergency SeatBelt Cutter And Glass Breaking Tool can cut you or your loved ones free from a jammed seat belt during an emergency. Plus, it also has a built-in glass break tool to smash the window if you find yourself trapped in your car or vehicle after an accident.

The Evac3 also has a built-in emergency whistle to help you signal for a rescue in any emergency situation.

seatbelt cutter glass breaking tool

The Evac3 Seatbelt Cutter is the perfect addition to your urban survival gear collection (it’s small enough to fit in your bug out bag or your glove box).

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