Free RFID Blocking Sleeve Keeps Your Credit Card Number Secure

Your credit or debit card number and details are your most valuable possessions. You’d never give them out to a stranger because credit card fraud is way too easy to fall into these days.

But it’s now become even easier for fraudsters to steal your credit card information. Now, they can get it simply by standing next to you.


Well, while it might sound farfetched, if you carry around a credit card with a RFID chip embedded in it, you’re making yourself more vulnerable. But you don’t have to be if you invest in a RFID¬†blocking sleeve.

How Do RFID chips work?

Credit cards with RFID chips can make payments simply by swiping or tapping over a card machine rather than having to be inserted into the terminal.

Known as ‘Contactless’ payments, they’re designed for convenience but can actually make you more vulnerable.

Contactless payments work by using scanning technologies that rely on radio frequency signals.

These technologies have been used for around 10 years to track packages and items in inventories. They’re also used for passports and travel cards issued from 2006 onwards to track your information.

RFID chips are used in more ways than you know. They’re everywhere.

How Can People Get Access To My Details Without Knowing?

It’s possible to intercept the radio frequencies used to make contactless payments happen. It’s even possible for fraudsters and hackers to scan your card details from through your pocket or wallet.

Hackers only need to be standing 6 inches away to be able to do this. They can pick up and store your data in seconds without you knowing, and even replicate it.

How Does A RFID Blocking Sleeve Work?

Thankfully, while the radio waves are easy to intercept by fraudsters, you can also block them out from your end, too.

This is what a RFID blocking sleeve works. The material they’re made from encases your credit cards and prevents hackers from scanning them by interfering with the radio waves.

A proper, well-made RFID blocking card sleeve will counter any communication between your credit cards and any card machines with RFID scanners. It also blocks all electromagnetic fields.

Investing in a RFID blocker will make an excellent addition to your urban survival kit. It ranks alongside your credit card multi-tool, credit card knife, and even your seatbelt cutter.

Alpine Rivers sell excellent quality and extremely reasonably priced RFID  shield sleeves and wallets and have rave reviews to boot. Other trustworthy brands include WPPL and Aerb.

You can even find similar products to protect your identity, RFID blocking sleeves for your passport instead of your cards and wallet.

Knowing you’re prepared for all eventualities and protecting yourself from danger or potential malicious scans and hacks is one of the best feelings in the world.

Secure your credit card details and money today; invest in a RFID Blocking Sleeve , easily one of the most simple yet important security products made in the past ten years. And while you’re at it… check out the other really cool free survival gear and tools on our website.