Top 5 Keychain Multi Tool Choices Revealed (3 Are Absolutely Free And 1 Only Costs A Penny)

A Keychain multi tool is the type of tool you’d include in your every day carry (EDC) because they reduce the need for many items for common needs (slicing, popping a beer bottle top, measurements, and the like).

Why carry a dozen items when you can carry one that gets all the jobs done?

Multi tools are popular because of their small form factor. They’re labeled as so for that very reason: you have them on your keychain.

There are quite a few keychain multi tools available on the market. You’ll want to consider all the possibilities and usefulness. This article will dig into what to look for with these multi tools and give you a cross-selection of five to manage the majority of your needs.

Let’s take a look into combining practicality to those needs…

Keychain Multi Tool: What to Consider

Keychain multi tools come in a variety of flavors:

  • Knives
  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Serrated saws
  • Compartments

Think of the old school Swiss Army Knife and you’ll have an idea of what keychain multi tools are – now increase the quality, refine the functionality, and shrink it into the best mini multi tool it can be.

Know the usage to get the most from your keychain multi tool:

  • Portability
  • Costs
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Fitting

Your best bet is to make an investment into one of the inexpensive multi tools and then see its usage throughout the month. Once you know how you use the tool and which of its gadgets are most needed you can then zone in on the higher-quality brands that specialize in your exact needs.

Speaking of the brands and models…

The Top Five Keychain Multi Tools

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the best keychains on the market now that we’ve covered the criteria into what you’d want to look for when purchasing one. Actually, several of them are free but I am an affiliate so if you do purchase something based on my recommendation I may earn a small commission, almost as small as a tiny multi tool key chain!

#1: EDT Mini Keychain Multi Tool

The EDT Mini Multi Tool is a handy, versatile 7-in-1 keychain multitool featuring spring action pliers, a razor sharp knife blade, bottle opener , bottle opener, and mini phillips head screwdriver. It even has a carabiner clip to hang from your keychain, belt loop, or your backpack. It can even be used as a multi tool key chain thanks to the built-in clip. The rugged aluminum handles keep the weight low while keeping durability high. This multi tool is a perfect choice for those needing the basics.

Here’s the best part: The EDT Mini Multi Tool is Free!

#2: Everstryke Match

The original Everstryke Match survival fire starter is a waterproof permanent match (thanks to the 0-ring seal) that uses a wick and lighter fluid. It also has a built in ferro rod that lets you start your survival fire without fuel (you’ll still need kindling, of course). The ferro rod strikes at over 3,00o degrees and the match is said to last 15,000 strikes. The Everstryke Match keychain multi tool on one of the best all-in-one survival fire starting kit that money can buy, but…

You can grab your Everstryke Match for Free… good while supplies last!

#3: Ring Tool

The winner for unique keychain multi tool has to go to the Ring Tool. This multi tool has the everyday carry-type in mind offering flat-head & Phillips screwdrivers, a Torxhead T25 driver, 8mm hex bits, and used as a bottle opener. The ring design compliments the rest of the keychain without being too overbearing and heavy in the collection.

#4: Evac3 Emergency Seat Belt Cutter And Glass Breaking Tool

This tiny little keychain multi tool lifesaver can cut you or your loved ones free from a jammed seat belt during an emergency. Plus, it also has a built-in glass break tool to smash the window if you find yourself trapped in your car or vehicle after an accident. The Evac3 also has a built-in emergency whistle to help you signal for a rescue in any emergency situation. The Evac3 is the perfect addition to your urban survival gear collection (it’s small enough to fit in your bug out bag or your glove box).

Did I mention that you can grab your Evac3 for Free! … before it’s too late.

#5: Everstryke Pro Survival Lighter

This is the all-new version of the Everstryke Match I mentioned earlier. It includes new features like a replaceable flint and a longer lasting wick (30,000 lights) that is also replaceable. The Pro version also holds twice as much lighter fluid as the original, which is a huge plus. Especially since the Pro version does NOT incude a ferro rod (the original version has one). The new Everstryke Pro has a lightweight stainless steel body with a sturdy clip so it securely attaches to your keychain or your pack. And the new larger o-ring seal helps make this survival lighter waterproof.

Its sleeker and cooler looking than its older big brother, but you can still Get Your Free Everstryke Pro

The choice is yours!  A keychain multi tool is a fantastic investment that should provide you with years of dependable service… and possibly save your life some day!