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Everyone knows that if you’re enjoying the great outdoors, or if you find yourself stuck out in the wilderness, Outdoor Survival Gear can certainly come in handy and keep you safe.

However, not everyone thinks about just how useful survival gear can be in other emergency situations such as a car accident (e.g. if you’re in a car accident, having survival tools close at hand could help you escape the vehicle or perhaps even save someone else’s life, such as a loved one).

And there’s an entire line of Urban Survival Gear that comes in handy when disaster strikes in the city, things like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, blizzards and even a terrorist attack.

Then there is the gear that can be useful in everyday activities from cracking open a cold one after a long day to cutting a branch on your property.

There is a huge selection of free survival gear to check out on our blog, including everything from sophisticated tech to basic tools available for purchase.

So, if you want to be prepared for anything, you should definitely check out a few free samples of some “must have” survival gear, including…

Survival Lighter

Of course, if you are camping you also need to make sure you have a way to light a fire. It’s not enough to just have a source of light. You need to make sure you can stay warm. One possibility would be to take a heater with you. However, if you are backpacking, that’s not a realistic option. Luckily, there are great options for survival lighters like the Everstryke Pro. The Everstryke Pro is compact, reliable and refillable. That means that this rather special lighter will last for years and always be the tool you need to start a fire. Completely waterproof the Everstryke Pro won’t fail you, even when the weather does while you’re camping.

Keychain Multi Tool

You could invest in a keychain multi tool. Small and nimble yet highly useful this tool is great for a vast number of little jobs. You can use a keychain multi tool to pop open a bottle of beer, measure small items and even make some small cuts, such as marking wood that needs sawing. The great thing about this little device is that it is useful for the outdoors and around the home.

Tactical Backpacks

Of course, if you are heading out into the wilderness, you shouldn’t leave home without a tactical backpack. Tactical backpacks are designed for comfort as well as smart storage. A tactical backpack has various different compartments for all your gear as well as straps to add more luggage on if you need it. For long treks and hikes, this is an essential piece of kit.

Tactical Flashlight

Inside your tactical backpack, you will almost certainly have a tactical flashlight. The best tactical flashlight will withstand getting wet, have a huge range of light and conserve power to last longer. With a tactical flashlight, you’ll feel safe whether you are out in the woods alone or searching your home after you hear a creak in the night.

Survival Flashlight

Of course, sometimes you will need something a little larger, and if that’s the case, you might want a survival flashlight. Survival flashlights have a range of hundreds of metres and as such can be used as a beacon to show your location to potential rescuers. As well as using a flashlight as a beacon, the intensity of the light can also be used to blind attackers, allowing you to escape. Though survival flashlights are more expensive than typical flashlights in the long term, they can be worth it. They are far more dependable and ultimately can be a better source of lighting, even in the deep dark wilderness.

Everyday Carry Flashlight

On the opposite side of the size spectrum for lights, there is the EDC flashlight. The best EDC flashlight or everyday carry light is small enough to fit on your keychain. This can be a fantastic little tool for searching dimly lit areas in your home. However, it also makes a rather good backup source for light if you forget to bring your flashlight or the battery runs out. As such, this can be a useful tool to have on you in emergency situations rather than just for everyday activities.

Credit Card Multi Tool

If you are running out of room in your tactical backpack, you might want something smaller than a multi tool keychain. That’s where a credit card multitool comes in handy. As small as a credit card and completely lightweight, this will fit snugly into your wallet. But, it’s still large enough to contain some of the tools that you’ll find on a multi tool keychain, including rulers bolts and even a few small parts for repairs. How great is that?

Credit Card Knife

One of the tools that you can get on your credit card is a credit card knife. Credit card knives are exactly as they sound. They are small blades, usually no bigger than an inch and they can be used in a range of different circumstances. Since they’re so small, they can be carried around as a small, yet effective option for personal safety, ensuring that you never feel vulnerable and or threatened when you are alone in the wild. A credit card knife might seem too small to be useful in dangerous situations. However, a sharp blade could still provide the right level of safety from certain threats and catch a thief or attacker off guard. Since the blade is so small, it’s easy for the blade to be overlooked if you were caught or captured.

Seat Belt Cutter And Glass Breaking Tool

We mentioned how survival gear can be used in various dangerous situations and that’s certainly true for a seatbelt cutter. Seatbelts are designed to be firm and not break on impact. Due to this, they are incredibly difficult to break if you are trapped. With a seatbelt cutter, this isn’t an issue. You’ll be able to cut yourself free and perhaps even help others trapped inside a vehicle that has crashed. There are certain times when you need to escape a crashed car as quickly as possible. If the fuel is leaking and the car engine is switched on it could ignite. At this point, you will have minutes to escape the car before it bursts into flames. A seatbelt cutter will ensure you can cut yourself and anyone else free

RFID Blocker

Survival gear isn’t just about staying safe in the wild. Some survival gear can also be used to keep you safe in an urban environment. For instance, with a RFID blocking sleeve, you can make sure that your credit card can’t be hacked remotely. RFID blocking sleeves prevent hackers from accessing your card by blocking radio waves.

Camping Lantern

If you’re camping, you should definitely consider picking up a camping lantern. A camping lantern will provide you a great source of light in the woods, whether you’re alone or with people. This could provide both heat and light, depending on the lantern you choose. One of the main reasons to take a lantern with you camping would be to scare off predators. Bears and other large predators are far less likely to disturb your camping site if you have a dependable source of light. There are various lanterns for you to choose from, but all provide a complete circle of illumination and don’t need to be held. As such, they can keep your campsite lit up, even when you are fast asleep. When exploring the possibility of buying a lantern, there are a number of different factors to consider. You should check that it is sturdy enough to withstand knocks and blows as well as being large enough to provide a good source of light.

Emergency Blanket

If you do ever find yourself lost and alone in the wilderness you will definitely want to make sure you have a mylar blanket. Designed by NASA the mylar blanket can keep you warm and prevent hypothermia or even stop you overheating. As such, they are essential piece of kit for any climate.

Paracord Bracelet

Certain survival gear can be kept on you at all times and a great piece of kit to always have on you is a paracord bracelet. As the name suggests, a paracord bracelet fits on your wrist and therefore can be worn at all times. You never need to be without it, meaning that you’ll always be able to use this rather essential piece of kit. Made of the same type of paracord that has been used in parachutes for generations the cord will support 550 pounds. You can use the bracelet for various survival activities such as a snare for catching dinner or perhaps a tourniquet for a medical emergency.

As you can see, there is a huge variety of different free survival gear that you should seriously consider keeping close at hand for emergencies of all types. Survival gear should be part of your daily life, ensuring you always have the life saving tools you need in any emergency situation.

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