Here’s Why A Credit Card Knife Is Way More Useful Than You Think

A credit card knife is a fantastic all around useful survival tool that fits in your pocket, which is really cool.

What is a credit card knife? It’s exactly what it sounds like: a small, hidden knife the size and shape of a credit card. You can put it in your wallet, your pocket, or your bag.

Are you thinking of getting one? Here are a few reasons these knives are such a cool, useful tool.

1. A Credit Card Knife Is Great for Survival Situations

The blade on this knife is incredibly slim, which means it’s also incredibly sharp.

Some of these knives even boast surgical blade quality. Whether you need to cut branches, rope, or even use it as a can opener, you can rely on this knife.

From camping in the woods to emergency survival situations, you’ll be happy you have this in your back pocket.

2. They’re Also Good for Personal Safety

Everyone wants to feel safe no matter where they go.

Some people may opt to carry pepper spray or mace for personal safety. You choose to keep a pocket knife on you.

Of course, you hope you’ll never have to use it. However, the peace of mind you’ll have knowing the knife is always there if necessary is priceless.

3. They’re Easy to Carry

Some pocket knives are big and bulky.

And many pocket knives may weigh down your pocket. They’re too large to fit in your wallet. They also sink to the bottom of any purse.

Credit card knives are designed to be light. They’re slim so you can stash them in a pair of jeans, a jacket pocket, a purse, and just about anywhere.

4. They’re Waterproof

If you’re camping, you might decide to go swimming in a nearby lake or river.

Do you have to take your knife out of your pocket before you jump in?


These knives are waterproof (at least the stainless steel ones are). Since they lack hinges (you just fold back the “credit card” to reveal the knife), they’re not at risk of rusting if exposed to water.

So go ahead. Take a dip in the pool, swim in the ocean, and bathe in a stream. This knife can handle it.

5. They’re Legal

Okay, so these knives sound pretty useful.

There’s only one important concern that’s holding you back.

Are they legal?

If you live in the United States, you should have no legal issues. Even if you were pulled over and a police officer searched you and found the knife, you shouldn’t be arrested.


Two reasons. First, you can see the blade, even when folded. If a blade is obstructed, you may run into legal issues.

Second, the blade isn’t even three inches long. If a knife measures more than three inches, then it becomes a possible legal hurdle.

Before you start carrying a knife like this, you may want to read up on your state rules just to double check.


A credit card knife is not only a great survival tool, but it’s also a means of personal safety.

These small blades are extremely easy to conceal, easy to grab when you need it and generally legal.

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